Custom Farming

Our custom farming solutions provide a viable alternative to leasing your land or farming it yourself. We charge a fee or percentage of profits in return for the equipment and labor necessary to perform all crop production activities. This can be especially beneficial to farm owners who are retired, fully employed away from the farm or hesitant to invest in a full line of machinery.

As part of a custom farming contract, the landowner retains control of the farm business while reducing their responsibility for day to day operations, as well as the price and yield risks associated with a lease tenant. The owner is also still considered to be materially participating in the operation for tax purposes, allowing them to receive the normal government payment, which is not the case with a cash lease.

Other advantages of custom farming include:

  • No lease payments to collect
  • The owner receives all of the crop
  • Ability to maximize production and marketing decisions on small acreages without investing in a full line of machinery

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